Ignite is a graphic design studio specializing in brand identity and advertising. We fill a market void between the cumbersome agency model and traditional freelance designers. Ignite offers agency-level work, without all the complex layers.
At Ignite, our design work centers around the brand. Creating an emotional connection between our clients and their audience starts with brand image.
We have a deep understanding of brands and the ways in which their attributes can be expressed — whether through fonts, images or colours. We work closely with our clients to define these attributes and communicate the core messages that bridge the gap between the brand and its audience.
We are experts in graphic design; from logo and brand identity design to brochures, direct mail, posters, banners, and print ads… The list is endless. If it can be printed, we can design it. We help our clients achieve their goals by making sure the brand messaging is effective and accurate from the planning stages to the final implementation. Ignite creates compelling solutions that target our clients’ objectives and their audience’s needs by finding a true balance between form and function.
Some of our awesome clients
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